November 23, 2011


I am in preparation mode.

I have prepared the bedrooms by getting rid of old toys and clothes. (Even though my preteens are growing like crazy in their sleep)

I have prepared the cupboards by throwing away all old medications, makeup and samples.  Not to mention any food we never eat or don't care for.  We did an inventory too.  Menus are on our mind now.

I have updated all the accounts to see how we are on track for seasonal savings.  Ask me how we never pay for the holidays.  It's brilliant.

I have handed out the wish book and let the circling begin. (Different colours for each child)

I have attended a cookie exchange and have put them in the freezer (so that I don't eat them from the Ziploc bags) for the first lucky guests who decide to stop by.

I have all the hot drinks and their accompaniments on hand for cold weather warm ups.

I have emergency preparedness kits complete and placed in their homes.

I am busy at work preparing for all the events we have organized for various parties and celebrations.

I have peeked through the stores too.  My list is the hardest to make.  As I told Mike, I am at the stage where I don't really want much.  I am happy with dark chocolate covered food and then exercise clothes to work it off.
What do you ask for when you don't need anything? Really?

I eagerly await my sister who is coming to spend the holidays.  I can't wait!

Oh and it's one week until Meaghan turns 11.  I am preparing for her too.  In more ways than one.

Stay prepared my friends.  Tis the season to make lists!

November 14, 2011


Well Helllloooo There.

What a ride we have been having at the Boland house.
Family emergencies all over the country.  Traveling for health issues.  Exhaustion and Boredom, sometimes all in the same day.

I am going through a growth phase and needed some time to sit still and absorb what has been happening in our lives.  I am not good at sitting still for lengths of time.  OK, not at all.  But my body and brain keeps trying to make me. 

What's Up

1.   I have an office outside the home now. 
2.  I am organizing events as well as the organizing of homes and offices.
3.  I started writing a book.
4.  I joined a Writers Club.
5.  I created a new newsletter for the Women in Business Network.
6   I realized that I don't want anything for Xmas except junk food and exercise equipment. Yes, I realize that those two things don't go together...but really they do.
7.  My kids are normal, happy individuals.  Just thought I should write that down in case I don't say it often enough.
8.  I love my husband. Same reasoning as above.
9.  I am a great list maker but sometimes procrastinate on getting things done.  I love the idea process but not the messy, do it part.  I am working on the "do" part of my lists.
10 Netflix and Pinterest are addictive.  Seriously.  They are great for #9.

I am working on myself a little at a time.  
What are you working on?

September 26, 2011

Monday Message

Back on track.  What do those words mean to you? 
For me it means I am not binging on junk food and sitting on my buttinski instead of running or biking.

Sunday we got the family out for a walk.  We went prepared.  Lots of water and distraction tools.  We played "I Spy" and " Would you rather" for most of the walk home to keep Paisley from reminding us how hot it was.

Then, because I told my friends to invite me if they work out, I went for hill training with Whitney.  Over 8km of running and hills to learn that I am not running properly on hills.  Tiny footsteps and on the front part of the foot only.  I was hitting the ground with my whole foot.  Oops.

So I'm going to bike to work this week and keep on track. 

No need to wait until January to get on track.  What are you doing "on track"?

September 21, 2011

Watch This Wednesday

I remember "Organize" magazine coming out last year but I thought it was cancelled.
I was fooling around and found the website and it is current.

I am particularly fond of the lists.  Tee hee.

Tools and tips for getting organized. 

Love it.

Do you purchase organizing items online?  Where do you shop?