March 17, 2010

Getting it out of my head

So much of my time is spent reading and researching organizing news. When I get to bed I'm filled with ideas and strategies to get myself and my clients moving which doesn't help me get to sleep. I wanted a place to put down my ideas and share them with anyone who wants to listen. As I read new books or go to a new class I will let you know what I hear so you can use it in your life.
Monday night is NSGCD (National Study Group on Chronic ) night for me. I take teleclasses to work on different certificates in my field of study. This week we heard from Tiffany deSilva, MSW,LSW. Tiffany spoke about "Understanding Family Dynamics in the CD/ADD/LD Home". A great class that was well presented and easy to understand. I appreciated her points that focuses towards what I can do as a Professional Organizer to help clients reduce stress and help maintain structure in their already busy and ever-changing lives. She gave a huge list of resources which I would love to start gathering to have a master list to refer to. Another to-do list item for me.
If you see an organizing topic that you think I should read, please pass it along. I love organizing stuff and I love mail.
My blogger friend Rhonda says that a blog is no fun without a photo, so here's a photo of a Chronically Disorganized client of mine that is working on staying organized. Basements can be a dangerous place once items block electrical and heating units as well as pathways.

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