May 3, 2010

Garage Dumping Ground

The garage can easily become a dumping ground for all the house projects that go uncompleted or under the title of good intentions. When someone tells you "I want this out of the house" usually the garage is the holding area for said item. Eventually this dumping ground becomes an unmanageable space that cannot be entered for fear of stepping on sharp or sticky stuff.

In two hours we transformed this garage into piles of "to sell" items (on the left), "to go to the dump" items (on the right and in the trailer), "to save" items (at the back) and "yard sale at the church" items (in the van). I am going back soon to take a final photo of the completely cleared space.

What could you do in your garage in two hours if you put your heart into it? Treat it like a room in the house. Go clear it out and take back your space!

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