June 21, 2010

Bottom of the stairs

The bottom of the stairs can easily become a dangerous place when used as a catch all for all those items that we don't take the extra ten steps to put away.  I have seen piles of laundry that would trip a grown man and sports equipment that is damaged beyond repair. By taking extra tidy up time to put things away you avoid a disaster in waiting. We rush through so many things in our day. Take a moment to reflect on what you rush through.  Are you rushing to do something more meaningful or are you getting ready to jump into another task?  Could you slow down and complete a job fully before moving onto the next?  When you find yourself dropping items at the bottom of the stairs or in a pile I want you to repeat this phrase in your head:  "I can take the extra steps to complete this job.  It will not take me that long."  What can you complete today?

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