June 14, 2010

A Little Help From ...

Sometimes help comes in forms we don't usually suspect.  I think that community round ups can be a great tool to get organized. What better opportunity than one that lets you dump the contents of your house on your front lawn and the city takes whatever remains, after onlookers retrieve treasures from your pile, to the dump at no cost to you.  Some people tell me "I want to save my stuff and have a yard sale" and I tell them that a yard sale may only give you a limited return on the items you are saving. You usually think your clutter is worth more than it is.  Ebay is another method of getting rid of things but is also time consuming with the items and their packaging taking up precious room in your home in the meantime.
So if you get the chance to participate in a community round up... Just Do It!  It just may be the little bit of help you were looking for.

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