June 29, 2010

Spinach Overload

I'm an avid gardener and I get ecstatic when a sprout emerges from the ground successfully.  We plant our regular salad friends but always try something different too.  The greenhouse helps us get a longer season up here in Zone 2.  Yup...up to minus 40 in the winter.  What does that have to do with being organized?  Well, it's all well and good to be organized and grow a garden but you have to take the time to deal with the results when they are ready for canning and/or freezing.  We just had a huge batch of spinach start to seed so I had to move my butt into canning mode before it went to waste.  I read a few recipes to make sure I could freeze it properly and rounded up my tools.  This year Mike wanted to help since he is the one that will be cooking it later. I was so happy with the yield and the size.  Last year it all went to seed very early and the leaves were so small.  After picking six bowls of spinach and eating four salads in the previous days we were ready to blanch and freeze the spinach.  It didn't take that long with both of us in the kitchen and we happily have four small bags of spinach in the freezer for the winter.  Spinach shrinks when it is cooked and squeezed into Ziploc bags.  Maybe I'll grow a few more rows in the later part of the summer for fall eating.  Let's see how the carrots do first!

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