July 9, 2010

Sports and extra-curricular activities

For the budget minded person, a child asking to start a new sport or interest can make you cringe.  Much like I did when my daughter asked to become close friends with the local horses. I always say we should take advantage of the unique opportunities in our area of the world and horses are definitely in that realm. With a deep breath I said I would look into it.  I don't want to say yes, but I don't want to always say no.  First job is to find a farm that does the job we are looking for. Then get the pricing.  Feel free to ask about summer camps and group rates over individual lessons. Ask for a discount if you think you deserve one but remember that a farm is a small business and we shouldn't take advantage of them.  We took the opportunity to take the family on a two hour horse back riding tour to see if everyone was still excited about horses or if it was just a princess fantasy.  Once a price has been set you can discuss the finances with all family members involved.  Children need to see how much things cost and what has to be juggled to make things happen. The children may also have the option to help out too, such as a part of their allowance goes towards their new hobby.  Don't forget to set a trial date so that if things don't go so peachy that everyone can opt out with no hard feelings.  I'm happy to say that the horse back riding turned out so great that both Meaghan and Daniel participated and they are returning to camp this year.  
Wait until I tell you about this year with Violin and Guitar lessons for the first time.  But that is for another day...

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