August 30, 2010

Reach Out

Sometimes as we walk around in our own little worlds we can forget about the troubles that others are dealing with.  It can make us harsh and judgmental when don't open ourselves up.  I felt a little guilty this week when someone close to me reached out full of pain.  I didn't see that she needed help until it was almost too late.
I am glad that I took the time to hold her in my mind for a while to give her some needed attention and love.  She is far away and we can only do it over the phone but I can do that.

Is there someone in your heart that you need to speak to today?  Turn off the computer. Put down the laundry. Go sit quietly in a chair or on your bed and take a few minutes to talk to someone who may need you more than you think.  After it just may feel like the best thing you've done all day. 

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