September 11, 2010

Crafts out of Control

At one point in time or another I have had a craft I was working on.  I become passionate about what is new and interesting until it becomes a check mark on a list of things I wanted to try.  Usually these craft items stay stored in the home until such time that I am ready to say "OK, I'm never going to do this ever again". 

At my clients homes I frequently come across piles of craft items that were at one point loved dearly but have become a dusty reminder of what they can't get to or want to get to.  Then there are the people who love to collect items for future projects.  Scrapbooking can be an addictive and endless source of supplies and wish lists.  If you are not careful your floors and shelves can easily be overtaken by your shopping expenses. 

There is a solution, but you're not going to like it at first.  You have to stop shopping.  You have to do an inventory of what you have.  You have to purge your inventory.  You have to decide how much stock is reasonable for the number of projects and time that you have available to complete them.

If your crafts are creeping into the other spaces of your home, maybe you need to look at what you have and how far it has gotten out of control.  Shop til you drop is no longer an option.  Purge til you can walk comfortable around the house sounds like a better plan.

What craft items could you say good bye to today?  Knitting?  Cross stitch?  Scrapbook supplies?  Let me know what you get rid of and where you send it if it can be re-purposed.

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