September 17, 2010

Friday Findings

So, you know that time of day when your kids are up in bed (sorta) and you are ready to relax?  What do you do?  Do you retreat to the computer or television or are you energetic and go exercise or crafting?  Maybe you have some studying to do or like a good book?

At our house the television reigns.  At least it did until we cut the cable.  Yes.  This week we got rid of the television in an effort to get back into a relationship with each other and things that are truly important to us.  This is going to be  a little hard as some of us (me) had a clicker problem and would sit for hours with nothing to watch.  Others (the kids) will be sorely disappointed on Saturday morning when the endless hours of cartoons will not be available. 

The plan.  Well, I have many dvd's and am happy to trade with my neighbors. The library hasn't seen us in a while.  We will add that to the list of possibilities.  Games will be dusted off as well as the running shoes. 

What amount of television is ok for you and your family?  Could you cut some out or cut it out altogether?

Let me know what you do to keep busy in the evening.  Oh... and wish us luck.  I may need some dark chocolate to get through this first weekend.


  1. Melissa NewtonSeptember 17, 2010

    Good Luck Bolands!! We "quit" for 2 years!! Let me tell you from experience it's the very begining that's the worst. You get so into Night shows, daytime drama stories, and maybe even the news. We got through it and figured out that we didn't miss it. After having kids however, I grew very tired of the same DVD's. Recently, the good ol' cable guy paid us a visit again. I am slowly picking up on my daytime stories (learned I didnt miss much in 2 years!), and my husband is happy to be on top of the news around the world again! Most important to me this time is TREEHOUSE. As bad as It may seem, it gives me a chance to shower, eat, play with the youngest baby, or what ever else needs to be done. For myself, I have learned to set a time limit as to the amount of time I spend "clicking". Next challenge, let me know when you quit highspeed internet!!! :-)

  2. Very brave! But will probably be great for relationships.

    Hubby and I made a deal a while ago to be more thoughtful about our TV viewing. We try to look at the guide before we turn on the box and talk about what we will watch and when we will turn it off. I find if I think about it early in the day, I then plan other things for that time. Or I plan projects to work on while I watch - ironing, folding, stitching, knitting, whatever. Then I feel like that time is better used.

    We also bought a treadmill recently and deliberately put it in the living room with the TV (even though its big and ugly!) to encourage us to exercise while we watch. It doesn't always work, but sometimes...


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