September 24, 2010

Friday Findings

This is Paisley's bedside table.  I chose a tall bookcase from Walmart but it was perfectly rectangle and so I put it on it's side as a table. If she had the nine cubicle style she would try to climb it for sure.  It works great for her size and for her stuff too.  She has had many books handed down to her and I'm a sucker for Scholastic at school. This week we did a little purge of the books and moved some toys around that she had stuffed away, so she could play a little easier. 

She found her tidied room right after school and I didn't see her until supper time.  I guess it worked! 

Children get bored easily with what is in front of them. Sometimes we need to circulate the toys so that they really see them. I like to have a couple of bins in the closet to bring out every few months.

This goes for the playdoh toys and cutters too. I put them in zip-lock bags and bring them out seasonally. Playdoh is always a favourite at our house. I even find the older kids poking their fingers in it when it comes out.

So go tidy up the toys and move them around.  Let's see who plays with what after you do.


  1. i think i need to rotate my kids toys more!

  2. Organization is wonderful! Thanks for stopping by during my SITS Day!


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