October 22, 2010

Five on Friday

It's Friday which means it's time to get rid of some clutter.
I had to think about this, but I think I found a good one.  Holiday decorations...specifically...Halloween decorations.  We kinda really love halloween at our house.  What other time of year can you don a costume and morph into a completely different character for a few hours, lurking around the neighborhood begging for candy and treats?  Most of our decorations are for the inside of the house like this cutie.

Or these guys..

Have I mentioned before how I love to walk around the funky section of Winners?

Over the years we pick out the decorations that we think will spook up the place the best.  As we get older we look at our older items and maybe we don't put them out or they don't get the prime spot in the living room.
We also have window decals to deal with that don't stick so well anymore or have faded to ghostly white.
What about the lovely crafty decorations that our children bring home from school or we choose to do with them at home?  Gorgeous as they are (total sarcasm) we may need to do some clutter control on the stack in the box.  When items come home from school, be sure to take a photo of it with your child so that the moment is captured but the item does not need to stay with you forever.

We usually carve our pumpkins the night before halloween, and this year the holiday is on Sunday so we can relax on Saturday night and do them up right.  Sometimes we feel rushed to get it done if it is on a weekday evening and they don't always look their best.  Let's purge the pumpkin tools. How many carving sets do you have?  What about those pumpkin templates?  Oh and let's not forget the collection of bags to collect treats.  I think we have a few damaged pillowcases in with all the reflecting bags and bags that are full after you put one bag of chips in them.

Some halloween items are just meant to last one season.  Which items have you been holding onto too long?
Tell me what you got rid of to lighten the holiday tote. 

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  1. I've had some of my Halloween decorations for 10 years (though one will be ditched after this year with parts potentially upcycled--still planning) and, since this is only our 2nd year in a house together, we've been adding instead of downsizing!

    But! In defense of my stash of pumpkin tools and patterns, I throw a pumpkin carving party almost every year and supply all the tools and patterns for my guests. Adding one new set a year makes up for any breaks or losses from the previous years and I keep them all in a zipper-pouch to keep them together after they go through the dishwasher post-party.

  2. As I Look around my house this morning I can tell already which items will NOT be going back into the rubbermaids. Half of my pumpkins in our trees have blown away so already I have downsized!! Some of the paper decorations are starting to curl so they may need to hit the recyling. My favorite this is getting decorations on Clearance! haha I dont know why I like it but this year when I opened the bins and had some brand new stuff to put up it was fun. I will find it very difficult to retire any of my kid's "decorations" but with a hobby of scrapbooking I really like the idea of keeping them forever in a Photo!
    Forever greatful for your tips,

  3. @Scraps-One box of decorations at a time! I'd love to see a photo of the carving party.
    @Melissa-It's so hard to walk past the clearance tables...and the dollar store.


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