October 29, 2010

Five on Friday

I like seeing the kids at the dining table doing crafts and other fun stuff.  I try to keep their activity baskets filled with thinks to pull out in case of the boredoms.  Every once in a while I see that the baskets are a tad over flowing and need a good purge.  When I have to tug to get them out from under the buffet, I know it's time. This is a quick job that will help them find what they need to get busy as well as help you to see what is needed as a top up.

One basket holds the recycled items, stickers, paper, notebooks, cards, activity books and such.  The other basket is playdoh land. I regularly rotate the playdoh toys so that we don't usually have this much in the basket, but Paisley had her birthday and some new items arrived.  My playdoh loving child is only six so I don't think it's unreasonable to rotate the toys without her present.  I know what she plays with and what has been in the basket for a while.  If she asks for something particular then I can just ask her what item needs to come out of the basket to make room for her desired item.

Here is the craft basket laid out. I am a little...eh hem..."tidy" with my crafty tools.  I like to see crayons in a crayon box, markers and pencil crayons in a box, and tools in a box. Paper and activity books are stacked at the bottom.  Small items are in the folding box.  Cards, stickers and misc. paper items are in a large zipper bag.

Finally I pack it all neatly and do a dry run on the floor.  Yup.  It fits!

Sorry to this guy who didn't make the cut this time.  Maybe we'll see you after the next session of Star Wars movie nights.

So what craft items can you let go of today?  How are you getting them organized? 

Don't forget to leave a comment so your name can go into the draw for the prize pack of organizing products.
Closing date is Sunday October 31st .... that's this Sunday!


  1. I love having craft bins. They are already pretty organized as they aren't getting much use currently. My daughter is 14 mths old and not quite ready for crafting. She just started colouring but cutting/gluing are a little beyond her.

    I keep my crafts in labeled rubbermaid/wicker baskets with lids. Everything has it's place.

    I'd love to win the prize pack!!!!


  2. Ahh Craft organization....A big problem in our house since Mommy likes to take on too many "projects". I finally got my "knitting corner" tidied up in my living room. Moving on to the Craft Cupboard in the kitchen next. This is where I like to keep some of Zoey's projects. It's hidden away from the baby and she knows where to go when she feels a crafting urge!

  3. Mother Hen here.
    MH tried to declutter...really she did!
    Her most recent blog records her efforts -- and the aftermath.


    How do you not have aftermath?
    Maybe chickens weren't meant to live organized lives. Sigh!
    Discouragedly yours
    Mother Hen
    (referred by her dear friend fellow SITS Girl Jodi Edwards Wright)

  4. Fantastic idea for storage organization and it looks really nice too! Baskets are great.

  5. I need to organize my books - I've got too many but I don't want to let any of them go. right now I've got a pile of books on my table and I want to sort them by topic like the library or the bookstore. I hope this helps to show me which ones can go.

    any suggestions on organizing books would be great.

  6. Thanks for the comments!
    @Young Yoga Masters - I try to tell my clients that books should be like memories. We keep those we love and let go of those we don't want anymore. If you can find information on the internet or more current information...let the books go. Pick 10 books to start with. You can do it.


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