October 15, 2010

Friday Findings

When is the last time you took a few minutes to organize your facebook account?  Have you set your security settings, especially those that announce your game scores to everyone?  Have you had a delete party to get rid of old posts and updates.  Today's your lucky day.  It's delete day!  For the next five minutes, and five minutes only, go to facebook and delete as much as you can.  Whittle down the photos, groups and applications. 

When you are done come back here...to enter into a draw for a prize.  Yes, a prize for those who delete.

Go ahead.  I'll wait.    

How did that feel?  I love a good delete-fest.   How many other applications on your computer could you delete?  Many I can guess, but facebook is a great start.  Let's look at the bookmarks another day.  Mine are off the page.

The prize.  Oh yes!  I have a prize pack of lovely items for my deleting friends.  
You can get a ballot into the box by doing each of the following:

1.  Leave me a comment to tell me that you deleted stuff and how it felt.
2. Follow me and leave me a comment saying you are following me.  
3. Tell me if you have a blog, leave your blog address so I can check you out!
4. Mention my blog on your site with a link so your friends can win and tell me that you did so.

Have a great weekend and keep on deleting!


  1. Hi Kathleen!

    I don't have Facebook if you can believe it, but your blog content has inspired me to declutter my life. I just sent 2 bags of clothes to our local thrift store... Thanks for the inspiration - keep writing!

  2. Melissa NewtonOctober 15, 2010

    As for facebook, I have been deleting wall posts for days now!! It's pretty amazing how much "life history" can accumulate on there!! Went through my A's and B's friends and deleted 25 people. It felt weird like I was being mean. I think if they feel it's very important for us to stay in contact they will re-add me! And speaking of bookmarks, before i read your blog today I actually deleted a few and sorted the rest into folders; Crafts related, Recipe related, etc.
    I do enjoy following your Blog and look forward to your Friday Findings!! They are very inspiring. I have not yet created my own Blog but it's in the back of my mind. I guess I just have to sit down to do it! I am going to see if I can link you from my FB page.

  3. I did something similar a while ago (revamped all my privacy settings, etc.) but I just went and deleted all my notes with personal information and most of the applications! I had so many notes that it took most of the five minutes.

    I'm one of your fellow Canadian bloggers on SITS (and an Albertan, too!) and so I'm adding you to my google reader - I need to become more organized!

  4. I went through and deleted some pictures but that is about all I had on there. I didn't realize I could delete wall posts though :)


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