November 5, 2010

Five on Friday

The ghouls and goblins have come and gone but their candy hasn't.  Today we are going to clean it up.  We always give candy the once over when it arrives at the house by the bagful.  Trading and shuffling of piles is done. Bragging rights of the heaviest bag and discussions of the house with the best loot is enjoyed. Once all is said in done you are usually looking at so much candy on the floor that you think you will be picking up wrappers until the Easter chocolate arrives.  Here are some tips to get rid of it all quickly:

1. Take all the chips, nachos and cheezies out of the piles.  Place them aside in a box or tote for "movie night".  On movie night open the bags into big bowls for the whole gang.  Ta da...bags of chips gone.
2. Take the small candies and licorice to put in a freezer bag.  Save this bag for decorating the gingerbread houses at Christmas.  
3. Take another freezer bag and save the hard candies and lollipops.  This candy bag can go in  your vehicle for emergency preparedness.  Nothing like having your car breakdown with a load of kids in it to make you realize that you have nothing to keep them occupied until the tow truck arrives.
4. Let the children pick out any candy that they don't like and some that they do to donate to a local shelter.  Drop it off to make someone feel good on a bad day.
5.  Set a time for the children to have a candy feast.  My rule is that no candy goes to school but for two weeks they can have as much as they want after school.  It usually won't last this long.

Remember that candy is a sticky treat.  Allocate one area that candy should be eaten so the packages and wrappers don't wind up all over the place.  Make them clean up after themselves immediately as well.

In no time the candy will be gone as well as the temptation to eat it all from underneath them.

Do you sort your candy?  Do you have any candy traditions to get rid of it all quickly? 


  1. You are pure genius! I hope it comes with experience.... then I might have hope ;)

    It doesn't take long for my one year olds little stash to be eaten by Daddy and Mommy :) But it turns out she is obsessed with sour things. Got it from her Mom! Couldn't believe how she spits out chocolate the second it touches her mouth though!

  2. We almost never ate the chips in my house after Halloween. By Christmas mom usually just tossed them. We did eat through all the good stuff pretty quickly. We always gave Mom these awful toffee sticky things.

    I did good this year and didn't buy any discount candy :)


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