November 19, 2010

Five on Friday

Can you tell what this photo is? 

One day my kids borrowed my camera and decided to take photos of "stuff".  Some of them were funny and some of them were a fuzzy mess. 

Today's goal is to go through the digital photos and delete delete delete. 

It helps that I have a scrapbook weekend coming up and I'm looking for inspiration.  I'll probably keep a couple of fuzzy photos but the majority need to go.  I have a file set up for each child so that they can have photos ready for their blogs, facebook and albums.

Do you let the kids use your camera?  
Is this what you get?


  1. I totally did this last week and it felt really good. This past week I went to my photography class and the guy was like "don't ever delete your photos." Well, maybe if they're all perfect, but mine definitely aren't!

  2. hahaha love the candid pics..reminds me that i have to do some deleting myself, thanks sis!

  3. Very good points about delete delete delete. I used to keep all my photos, good or bad. Now I delete the bad ones right after I upload them. I ask myself "will I ever use this or show it to anyone" If the answer is no, then it gets deleted. I do occasionally go back in my "archives" to before I deleted the rejects and delete delete delete.

  4. Going to delete all the "Crotch Shots". They are a bit awkward to look at when viewing my photos. Now that my 3 year old has learned to take pics of faces and objects, I don't feel it's nessesary to keep Grampas crotch shots for our fond memories of him!


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