December 8, 2010


Do you remember this client who was an avid scrapbook lady?  She couldn't walk in her scrapbook room anymore, making her crafting days limited to say the least. 
We have been working hard to give her back her passion and stress release space and now we have an update photo...

We have purged many sheets of paper, organized the accesories, containerized the tools and given her a table to work at. We are going to purge the embelishments next but she is happily working on cards and pages now. She recently had a clearance table at a local show and sold over $350 worth of product.

Congratulations and a fantastic job my friend!  I know it is hard work but also so much worth the effort.

Do you have a space you would like to take back or get super organized for a specific hobby or job? 


  1. Oh Wow Incredible Work Kathleen and Happy Client!! I finally got on here to see the picture. She has got to be sooo happy now. And making a decent chunck of change at the end of it too!! Way to go!
    PS When ya gonna look at my craft space :-)

  2. Wow, now that is amazing!


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