May 30, 2010

Drop Zone

We all have a spot in the house that becomes a drop zone for small items that we don't want to sort or put away. This is what happens over time when you create bad drop zone habits. By creating a clear vision for your space and needs you can avoid the piling trap. If you need a spot for your keys...make a spot for your keys. If you need a spot for the mail...make a spot for the mail. If you need a spot for small electric appliances and tools...make one. Everything can have it's own home but only if you create one first.
Take a minute and think about what you need according to the piles you are seeing.
Commit to putting items in their proper homes this week. Repeat after me....I will not make piles!

May 14, 2010

No Such Thing As A Junk Drawer

I get asked a lot of questions. One common one is "What do you do with the junk drawer in the kitchen?" I don't have a junk drawer in the house. Every drawer has a purpose. Yours has one too.

1. Dump contents of drawer on a table
2. Sort into piles of similar items
3. Relocate items to their proper homes-garbage, recycle or otherwise
4. Categorize the items that are left over-I find that most often they are office items or tools
5. Name the drawer- As in "This is our "Supplies" drawer or our "Hardware" drawer
6. Containerize your items in the drawer
7. Communicate with everyone in the home what the drawers purpose is

You too can have clutter free drawers. Go do a drawer today.

PS. You don't need that many rubber bands, plastic spoons or milk bag tags! Let it all go.

May 3, 2010

Garage Dumping Ground

The garage can easily become a dumping ground for all the house projects that go uncompleted or under the title of good intentions. When someone tells you "I want this out of the house" usually the garage is the holding area for said item. Eventually this dumping ground becomes an unmanageable space that cannot be entered for fear of stepping on sharp or sticky stuff.

In two hours we transformed this garage into piles of "to sell" items (on the left), "to go to the dump" items (on the right and in the trailer), "to save" items (at the back) and "yard sale at the church" items (in the van). I am going back soon to take a final photo of the completely cleared space.

What could you do in your garage in two hours if you put your heart into it? Treat it like a room in the house. Go clear it out and take back your space!