August 30, 2010

Reach Out

Sometimes as we walk around in our own little worlds we can forget about the troubles that others are dealing with.  It can make us harsh and judgmental when don't open ourselves up.  I felt a little guilty this week when someone close to me reached out full of pain.  I didn't see that she needed help until it was almost too late.
I am glad that I took the time to hold her in my mind for a while to give her some needed attention and love.  She is far away and we can only do it over the phone but I can do that.

Is there someone in your heart that you need to speak to today?  Turn off the computer. Put down the laundry. Go sit quietly in a chair or on your bed and take a few minutes to talk to someone who may need you more than you think.  After it just may feel like the best thing you've done all day. 

August 27, 2010

Friday Findings

You know you want to!  The container cupboard can be a daunting task but I know you're up for it.  Lids, lids and more lids, but where are the bottoms? When I purged my containers I made a big discovery...I hate circle containers.  They never fit where I want them and the lids drive me crazy.  So, from now on I will only buy square or rectangle containers.  I have purged all circles.  Gone are the lidless containers and the extra lids.  A package of four containers is only about $3.00 on sale so why fret over a lost lid.  Don't forget to get rid of any old containers that would not meet up to today's health standards.  Water bottles can add up quickly, so purge those too.  We usually use our favourite cup anyways and the other ones are in the back of the cupboard.  You know the ones.

How many containers can you throw out today?  Let me know how you do.  Moms...enjoy the last weekend before the kids go back to school.

August 20, 2010

Friday Findings

Yes it's time to purge the summer shoes!  Nowadays you can get a pair of shoes or sandals at the closest Walmart for $2.50 in the clearance bin. These shoes are not meant to last more than a season. That being said we always try to push the limit with their expiry date and wear them into the fall and maybe into the following spring and summer.  I did a preliminary shoe chucking just before I went shopping for school shoes. Each child needs a pair for indoors at school, (luckily this pair stays at school) but they also need an outdoor pair as well as some winter boots.  That one pair of black shoes has been in my closet for about 5 years and I have always found a nicer pair in my foot repertoire to wear. Time to go black shoes!  My son decided that he didn't like sandals this year so his summer pair, worn twice, will now be mailed to our nephew who still is too young to make those decisions. All the other shoes were dead.  My closet is a little lighter for a few weeks until we move into heavier footwear and the light stuff goes to the basement for cleaning and storage until I see the blossoms of crocuses and daffodils again. 

Go clean out the shoe closet and let me know how many pairs you purged today.

August 13, 2010

Friday Findings

This week we dive into my tall chest of drawers.  Most drawers are very organized and are dedicated to specific items.  Every item has it's own home!  Over the summer people who shall remain nameless like to drop items into my top drawer and mess up my system.  Today we purge the top drawer and bring calm to the chaos.

After relocating items and purging we are left with only a few summer objects that I need when I need them.

What drawer will you tackle today?  Tell me what you got rid of.

August 6, 2010

Friday Findings

Happy Friday! I'm sitting at my desk and realize that my in/out box has gotten over it's limit. I know it's time to clean it out when the papers flow over the side of my basket. Time to sort it out on the floor and see what's in there.

After general sorting into six piles I realize that I have a few types of groupings for my papers:

1. Garbage
2. My NSGCD (National Study Group on Chronic Disorganization) school papers that need to be filed
3. POC (Professional Organizers in Canada) business
4. Bills/Info that needs to be filed (Including a pile of receipts and one piece of Canadian Tire money)
5. Childrens information that needs to be filed
6. Stuff I really need to do immediately

My desk is much less claustrophobic now.  I feel like getting some work done but not before a good dusting.
Who's been eating at my desk?

What can you get rid of from your desk today?  Leave a comment and let me know how many piles you made!