September 26, 2010

Birthday Party Success

Sometimes when I know a birthday party is coming up I get a little stressed.  How many kids should we invite? What is the theme? Should we have it at home or go rent a space? This "celebration" should not be causing so much turmoil. This year we went with an easy solution.  We hosted a movie night for a select number of friends for our daughter.  Invitees were people that she plays with at school or home.  No more than the age she was turning.  Six in this case. If she doesn't play with them, then they couldn't come.  I didn't want the whole class here just to say that I did it.  The movie theme fits all the hoopla and food involved and keeps them busy while each stage of the party goes on.  The older kids helped out by working the concession stands and taking tickets.

Lastly we let the kids run all over the backyard before the parents arrived.  It was the best party yet.  The kids had fun and the adults just went with the flow. 

I don't think that the kids noticed that it wasn't a 5-star event.  They were happy to be together to eat junk food and play.  Maybe parties need to be less stressful and more fun.  Oh....and cost under $50.  I love that!

September 24, 2010

Friday Findings

This is Paisley's bedside table.  I chose a tall bookcase from Walmart but it was perfectly rectangle and so I put it on it's side as a table. If she had the nine cubicle style she would try to climb it for sure.  It works great for her size and for her stuff too.  She has had many books handed down to her and I'm a sucker for Scholastic at school. This week we did a little purge of the books and moved some toys around that she had stuffed away, so she could play a little easier. 

She found her tidied room right after school and I didn't see her until supper time.  I guess it worked! 

Children get bored easily with what is in front of them. Sometimes we need to circulate the toys so that they really see them. I like to have a couple of bins in the closet to bring out every few months.

This goes for the playdoh toys and cutters too. I put them in zip-lock bags and bring them out seasonally. Playdoh is always a favourite at our house. I even find the older kids poking their fingers in it when it comes out.

So go tidy up the toys and move them around.  Let's see who plays with what after you do.

September 22, 2010

Stressed Out Girls

If one person in your family is out of sync then everyone is affected. Sometimes (always) I worry about my girls and how they are coping. What can I do to help and am I part of the problem? Here is a great book that deals with young girls and the stress they are dealing with in our goal driven world. A great gauge on how we as parents can guide and love our children into a healthy future.  I'm never going to stop worrying but I can get some expert help along the way.  Ask your local library to buy this book or if you already own it, share it with those other mothers who may want to hear the message.  I borrowed my copy from the Military Family Resource Center here in Cold Lake.  Let's help our girls and help ourselves at the same time.

September 17, 2010

Friday Findings

So, you know that time of day when your kids are up in bed (sorta) and you are ready to relax?  What do you do?  Do you retreat to the computer or television or are you energetic and go exercise or crafting?  Maybe you have some studying to do or like a good book?

At our house the television reigns.  At least it did until we cut the cable.  Yes.  This week we got rid of the television in an effort to get back into a relationship with each other and things that are truly important to us.  This is going to be  a little hard as some of us (me) had a clicker problem and would sit for hours with nothing to watch.  Others (the kids) will be sorely disappointed on Saturday morning when the endless hours of cartoons will not be available. 

The plan.  Well, I have many dvd's and am happy to trade with my neighbors. The library hasn't seen us in a while.  We will add that to the list of possibilities.  Games will be dusted off as well as the running shoes. 

What amount of television is ok for you and your family?  Could you cut some out or cut it out altogether?

Let me know what you do to keep busy in the evening.  Oh... and wish us luck.  I may need some dark chocolate to get through this first weekend.

September 11, 2010

Crafts out of Control

At one point in time or another I have had a craft I was working on.  I become passionate about what is new and interesting until it becomes a check mark on a list of things I wanted to try.  Usually these craft items stay stored in the home until such time that I am ready to say "OK, I'm never going to do this ever again". 

At my clients homes I frequently come across piles of craft items that were at one point loved dearly but have become a dusty reminder of what they can't get to or want to get to.  Then there are the people who love to collect items for future projects.  Scrapbooking can be an addictive and endless source of supplies and wish lists.  If you are not careful your floors and shelves can easily be overtaken by your shopping expenses. 

There is a solution, but you're not going to like it at first.  You have to stop shopping.  You have to do an inventory of what you have.  You have to purge your inventory.  You have to decide how much stock is reasonable for the number of projects and time that you have available to complete them.

If your crafts are creeping into the other spaces of your home, maybe you need to look at what you have and how far it has gotten out of control.  Shop til you drop is no longer an option.  Purge til you can walk comfortable around the house sounds like a better plan.

What craft items could you say good bye to today?  Knitting?  Cross stitch?  Scrapbook supplies?  Let me know what you get rid of and where you send it if it can be re-purposed.

September 4, 2010

Friday Findings

Look what I found to throw out this week! This is a story of two chairs who outstayed their welcome at my dining table.  One chair has been broken for no less than four years but had a repair to keep it together.  The other chair was too broken to fix but still faithfully remained seating until today.  Good bye wiggly and sharp nail sticking out of the saddle chairs.  I will not miss you.  Thank you for your service over the years.  Your replacements will be along shortly.

What furniture is ready to ride the garbage truck in your home?  Does an item give you "the face" when you look at it?  Get rid of it and see how you smile.  Let me know what goes and why.