January 14, 2011

Friday Findings

This disaster area is my daughters room.  I got permission to talk about it since it is her space and I didn't want her upset.  She is ten years old and has a hard time cleaning up after herself. She finds it "boring".  She still likes 99% of the things in her room and she does know where everything goes but the task of tidying up makes her frustrated and sometimes angry.

What do you do with a child like this?

Through trial and error we found out that she works much better when an adult is in close proximity to her. She is a social person and if I am in my room and she is in her room I can chat back and forth with her to see how it's going.  She would prefer if I would do the work for her but this is not the lesson I'm trying to teach. I can shut the door or tell her to "do it tomorrow" when I'm not in the mood to get on her case but eventually all roads lead back to this messy space.

We sorted through her things and quickly realized that her clothing is causing her stress.  She is growing quickly and does not tell me when things don't fit anymore. I made a note to ask her about her wardrobe more often even if the idea of shopping for my amazon girl does make me cringe.  She also had toys in there that we could re-locate to the playroom that she is ready to share.  After a few more tweaks and a small moving of bins we were back to tidy town.  She lay on her bed and grabbed a book.  I make a point of asking her how she felt in her clean room and she said "this feels great".  So I also made a point of telling her that a five minute tidy up time is much better than a two hour organizing session, and not to give me so much grief when I say let's get working on the bedroom.

The results...

What chores do you have a hard time getting family members to do and how do you overcome the huff and puffs and rolling of the eyes?

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  1. I will have to keep this advice in Mind, I know my time is coming. But I still try to "Make" the kids do some of their own cleaning at Ages 1,2, & 3. Most days it actually works.


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