January 28, 2011

Friday Findings

I love a good post it note to remind me of what needs to get done. Every once in a while I find a note in the house that I didn't write.  Like this one....
found on my computer screen
 or this one...
found on my calendar

or this one...
found on a package of treats from my neighbor

Sometimes a note from a loved one or a good friend can make your day or even your week.  It takes but a moment to say something nice that can lift the spirits of those you love.  Not all post it notes need to be for lists!

Where will you leave a post it note today?


  1. Aaaw, how sweet! I love finding notes from my son. Now that he's almost six, his writing has improved quite a bit, but I still treasure the first scribbles he attempted at 4: "momee [heart] me gabe". All in capital letters, of course :-)

  2. This is such a good idea! I used to write a lot of notes to my husband when we were dating. Perhaps I should start that up again!


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