January 7, 2011

List Lady

Hello and Welcome Back!

I had a great holiday.  I sat around and ate whatever my husband put in front of me.  I didn't worry about going to the gym. (Don't tell my trainer)  I tried not to stress about the pine needles all over the floor. (The thing was dead from the day we got it home and it went downhill from there) I also did a lot of organizing with the family.

You would think that my house is already organized...which it is...but even an organized organizer can find stuff to throw out.  Mr. Mike got into the swing of things and purged the kitchen of gadgets and extra small appliances.  We are still working on some small spaces but we have a pile about four boxes, plus some stuff stacked on top, to go to the second hand store. Yay!

What am I up to now?  Well I'm glad you asked.

I love them. 
I need them. 
They are my friend.

Here are the top lists that I have been making so far this year. 
Play along and make  your own lists to add to my list.

1. Menu
2. Chore Chart
3. Annual Goals
4. Groceries
5. Inventories
6. Budget
7 Projects

Some of these lists belong side-by-side.  The inventory of the food in the freezer, cupboards and food storage area is done before the Menu is done, which is done before the Grocery list is done.  See what I mean.

Go ahead and make your lists.  Don't make them too long.  Put them all in one place so you don't have bits of paper with lists all over the place.  No one likes a lost list. 

What's on your list today?


  1. I hate lost lists... makes me crazy! I have ALWAYS been a list person but lately with my second pregnancy and running a day home things have gotten out of control. The pregnancy caused the sickness, which cancelled the day home, which has now led to more sanity and all of January to put my house back together. I lost way too many lists over the Christmas break... and a lost list, is a useless one!

  2. I have a few lists lately:
    1. Things I still have to get ready before kids start school (school starts at the end of January here in Oz)
    2. Unfinished projects that I want to complete this year - lots of quilts and sewing stuff
    3. Cupboards and rooms I need to reorganise
    4. Things I need to decide how to get rid of
    and the best one:
    5. Birthday presents to buy for my daughter's birthday :)

  3. Melissa "List Lover" NewtonJanuary 13, 2011

    I LOVE LISTS!! My family makes fun of me and says that I have Lists of my Lists! I dont care. I NEED to have them in my life. A Perfect gift for me? A note Pad or Journal! LOL. I forget things and if I have too many things to do I get overwhelmed and then the Anxiety kicks in. I find writing relieveing. Even if I am stressing over something in my life, I break out the journal and write it all out. It helps. Even if I never read it again, it seems to put my stresses in somewhat order.
    My lists going on now:
    *"To DO"
    *"To Pick Up"
    *Kids activites
    *Scrapbook layout ideas

    Next list to compose is "What to Purge in my Basement"


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