January 17, 2011

Monday Morning Message

Don't mind the hair and the sleepy eyes...it's Monday!
Grab your favorite cuppa and think about this idea...

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  1. I will play along with you Kathleen. Because of the last 2 years of my life, my Word for this year is going to be "Healthy" We spent WAY too much time in and out of hospitals and my hope for my family is that we get a Healthier year this year. Foy myself, I would like to adapt a more healthy lifestyle. I will work towards a healthier body (Eating & Exercise)and a healthier mind (ways to deal with stress & more "Me" time). I'd also like to work on my Spiritual health.

  2. Hello beautiful friend... I am commenting a few weeks late, is that ok?? My word for this year is "perseverance" last year it was committment, and this year is the next step for me in my journey to authenticity. To persevere has always been a challenge, but i figure if I can succeed for one year.. why not this year too?? So I will try and persevere with my lifestlye changes. Thanks for the chance to air this. xooxxo Heather in OKC. (Conor's google email )


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