January 24, 2011

Monday Morning Message

Happy Monday Everyone!

It is Monday January 24th...oops I said it was the 23rd on the video but I'm not changing it now.

Leave a comment and tell me about organizing your health this year.  Let's support each other along the way.


  1. For me, organizing my health this year means planning out the meals that I cook, Exercising a lot and being proactive about getting sick.

  2. Hellllllo Jumping Jacks!!

  3. I AM committing to going on my treadmill. Even if it is just walking but I am doing it. And I have been doing it!

  4. hi kathleen..just found you from a blog hop at emmyscloset. Love your blog! i l am big on organizing and very into a healthy lifestyle! I think it will be great to exchange ideas...

  5. ps... i posted your monday message on my blog!


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