February 28, 2011

Monday Message

Sometimes when our lives get busy we can let charity go by the wayside. 
By taking a few moments to cherish those around us in need
we can actually replenish ourselves.

If you could volunteer, what would you do?
If you could give to a charity, which would you choose?
Why aren't you?
Maybe it is easier than you think.


  1. I know how you feel about making one too many trips to a Dr or Hospital or Emergancy room. We have delt with some "issues" in our life as well. After spending 6 weeks in a NICU unit you learn alot about the service and you also figure out the kinds of things that make you "more confortable" in an unconfortable situation. We took the idea of saying "Thank You" back to our community of friends. We held a New Years Party and without all the gory details, at the end of the night our big jar held over $500!! We did some shopping and were able to donate a few very useful items, including a brand new Glider Rocking Chair. Great job on the teddy Bears, I know your kids will leave with such a great feeling. And such a perfect thing to teach them at a young age.

  2. That is so great! We've made more than our share of visits to our local Children's Hospital and each time our son comes away with a Beanie Baby, so it's wonderful that you're giving back. And the clearance aisle was genius, I will definitely keep that in mind. :-)

  3. I would - and have- given to children's cancer. My son passed away of childhood cancer so it is very near and dear to me. I have put on benefits and made gifts for families. I have wanted to volunteer at the hospital but I just don't know if I could do without being overly emotional.

  4. Melissa-Yes, she was so happy when she dropped off the toys. I smiled because she was smiling.
    Eos Mom-I love clearance. I will share more clearance tips.
    Tammy-Thank you for sharing such a personal note. I'm glad for reading it. I don't know if I could volunteer at a hospital too after something so heart wrenching. Peace to you.


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