March 7, 2011

Monday Message

Hi everyone.

No video for me today since I'm not feeling well and no one needs to see that.

I have been giving a lot of thought as to what I want to say on Mondays to help people get organized at home or work or wherever they need it.  I get many questions about getting organized from my workshops so I thought I would share a question each week.

Question:  How do you decide which toys stay when your children are at different stages and are planning to have another?

Response:  I have to ask this first "Does more toys mean a happier child? "  Are we teaching our children from a young age that they need a toy to be imaginative or creative?  What are we trying to achieve by having so many toys surrounding a child from day one?

When we are choosing to get rid of toys we will get usually look around and ask the following questions:

1. Is the toy of good quality?
2. Is the toy in good working condition?
3. Will the toy fit into our lifestyle and space easily?
4. Will this toy eventually be able to be used by the grandchildren?
5. Did the other children like to play with this toy?
6. Is the toy loud and obnoxious?

A good rule of thumb is to look at the space you have and put out a reasonable number of toys for the age bracket you are dealing with.  Save toys that can be used at a later stage in a sealed bin, out of site (closet, basement...) I have two Rubbermaid containers in storage for my eventual grand-babies. One is labeled soft toys and the other is hard toys. 

You and I both know that when a new baby arrives so do new toys from loving family and friends.  If you don't want new toys then be specific when others ask what you want.  Choose items that you will definitely need like diapers, bottles or formula. 

Toys are a great tool to teach children coordination, sharing and educational lessons.  As you lighten the toy load remember to keep the best and get rid of the rest. 

Leave a comment and tell me what toys you remember as a child?  What did your children love the most?  Thomas the tank engine was huge at our house! 
PS.  Don't forget that any comments left gets your name put into the draw for a box full of "stuff" on May 1st!


  1. I remember (and still have) little plastic dishes and a fisher price stove. Even tho my kids (both boys) don't play with these, I still hang on to them for sentimental value.

  2. So maybe I should have read this at the begining of the week. We must be on the same wave length. After spending 2 days sorting toys on 2 floors I will be begging friends family for no more stuffies! LOL When ever people ask me "What do you kids need?" I never have an answer. I think I will now. Books and crafting items are things I will never turn down!

  3. Any tips on getting your dog to differentiate between her toys and the baby s? I think that will be our biggest issue. As for my favourite toys as a kid? I used to love all the ghost buster stuff!

  4. Teresa-Great items for the grand-baby box.
    Melissa-So true, you never know what to ask for if you don't know what you have.
    Stephane-Make sure dogs don't play with stuffies so there is no confusion. Their toys should have a special home, like a basket/box. Train them to go to the basket/box every day to get a toy. repeat. repeat. repeat. Until a new habit is formed.


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