March 21, 2011

Monday Message

How do you get your children to help out around the house? 
Do you have a formal chore plan in place or do you work on the fly? 
Do you bribe or do you pay?

Leave a comment and tell us if you are the tidy up soldier in your home or if you have a crew to help you.

Don't forget that every comment you leave here gets your name on a ballot (twice)  for the draw for the big basket of "stuff" on May 1st!  Comments left on facebook will get you one ballot.


  1. Would love to see your chore wheel! Such a good idea!

  2. Sometimes in our house it feels like I do everything. Well at least until my husband left on course. He has been gone 1 week now and I realized I miss him today, I ACTUALLY had to do laundry! It didn't occur to me, until I was putting clothes in the washer, that it has been a little while since I did a load of laundry!
    Hunny, I do miss you for other reasons too.
    --> Just in case he is reading this ;O)


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