April 18, 2011

Monday Message

 I have been cleaning out my closets as well as my accessories.  My girlfriends and I are getting together to have a wardrobe swap.  This is a great way to let go of some items that you may not use anymore and freshen up your own collection with someone elses hand me downs.

Another place I have been getting organized is in my make up case.  I was listening to the radio a few weeks back and I heard Gill Deacon speaking about how we can go green even in that department.  I thought that my supplies were pretty healthy until I looked up her little cheat sheet online to see where I was going wrong.  Holy Moly.  I was very surprised.  More surprising was the items that I was letting my children use with so many toxins in.  A quick purge and one shopping trip to balance out my beauty needs and I felt like I had simplified my war paint as well as helped the environment.

Check out Gill Deacon to get a free copy of your cheat sheet to give your make up a makeover.
What will you throw out? 
What will you replace? 
What will you give a try?

PS.Right after I read this I found a hair gel for Dan that now reads Paraban Free. 

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  1. As hard as it is for me to throw things out, I have taken the plunge and chucked a bunch of baby lotion....some not even open! Havent done my make up case yet but I am getting there!!

  2. I cleaned out shoes last week. I still had some that I'd had since before I was married - over 15 years!

    And my kids had fun with the boxes I emptied out of the spare room - there's a post on my blog of their rocket.

  3. Melissa-It's hard to throw out makeup without a reason. It's expensive to begin with! Especially when it's hidden problems in the future that we are dealing with.
    CraftyMummy-Great rocket! That would last a few days inside then outside then the rain would get it and my excuse to throw it would appear.


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