April 12, 2011

Sorry ...

I haven't been around lately.
My heart has been busy.  
We have been wishing and waiting and hurting for this man:

Dwayne Ogden
This is my sisters husband.
They live in Stuyvesand NY (outside Albany by 45 min)

Dwayne has been ill for years and they could never really put their
finger on the cause.
They found diabetes, edema, and other symptoms...
Two (almost three) weeks ago they found out the answer.
It is his heart.
He is very, very ill.
He is in the hospital in Albany.

Years ago I wished that a man would come into the life of my
sister Diana that she could love with her big heart and that would
love her back the way she deserved.
We were answered with Dwayne.
The first time I spoke with Dwayne on the phone, I thought
I had woken him from a sleep.
He was just so laid back that he always had that "relaxed" voice.
We were finally able to meet him in our home in Nova Scotia
when they came for a visit.
I loved him before I met him and he became family that special week.

We were also so very happy to have them visit us last Spring here in Cold Lake.
We could see that he was sick but still had no answers.
Same old Dwayne, relaxed and enjoyed the company and food. 

As Dwayne lays in a hospital bed so far way and Diana tends to
him with the rest of his family,
I send our love.

I hope that he knows that he is loved by so many.

Go hug those you love and don't fret over small messes.
Life is about love and the connections you make, not about the perfect house.



  1. Absolutely, Kathleen - absolutely. Thank you for the reminder and for sharing your breaking heart. My prayers are with him and all of his family <3

  2. thank you for all your love and prayers

  3. Know that I am by your side everyday as you wait for updates. He is getting stronger and buying more time. You will be with your sister (for hugs & support) in no time! *hugs and Prayers for you Dwayne*

  4. I'm sorry to hear about your brother-in-law. I hope they can fix what's wrong and he'll get well soon.


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