May 2, 2011

Monday "Winning" Message

Congratulations to....

Melissa N!

She is the winner of a package of organizing products.
(I had my daughter pull the name so that I couldn't see the stubs.)

Thank you to all our giveaway participants.
It was nice to see all the new comments. 

I do have one extra giveaway for the first person to leave a comment today!

I will be traveling this week to work on paper chaos as well as to a workshop to get families and children organized.  Do you know how long to keep your papers and which ones can get shredded or burned or tossed?  What could you stop getting sent to your mail box and what could you cancel altogether? 

How much paper could you do without this week?


  1. Might I be the first commentator today?

  2. yahoooo ! Thank you Organized Living!!
    And to answer your question this week, my big step towards less paper chaos is we set up most of our bills to "paperless email notifications" And to ensure we dont forget to check the online billing, we have our bills set up directly to our credit card....that is one bill I NEVER forget to look at LOL !

  3. Yaaay to Stephane! I will deliver prizes this week!


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