May 30, 2011

Rest and Semi Relaxation

I took a week off after the run to eat and rest.  My body was sore for a few days and then after the thigh pain subsided I noticed that my foot was still sore when I walked more than ten feet.  Turns out that I have a stress fracture in my metatarsal. (small bone in my foot).  I cannot run for a few weeks.  Although this may seem like a good idea I'm actually a little sad about this.  I want to run.  I want to be healthy.  I could easily let this be an excuse to stay sitting and not active but I have a life and children and clients and....stuff to do.  So I will not run but I will exercise.  I did some gardening on the weekend.  I have weights in the basement and I will plan a night of swimming which I hear is good for healing.

I am already planning our next big run for July.  I think the kids would benefit from learning to run so I may take my oldest out with me when I get going again.  He has taken an interest in track and field and participated in his first activity last week earning him a ribbon.  Congratulations Dan!

In the meantime I enjoyed the break and the treats that came with it.  While I was in the US I picked up a little appliance.  Yes another small appliance.  Here's what we made this weekend.

Awesome mini doughnuts!
Dad helped by making the glaze.

The kids think I'm fa-bu and it's much healthier since it is baked and not fried.  Not so much guilt now.
I think we will make a new tradition of doughnuts on Sundays. 

For those wondering about my family, Diana is well and taking care of Dwayne.  His condition is terminal.  We will enjoy him as long as we are lucky enough to have him on earth with us.  My oldest sister Debbie is taking time each month to travel from Ontario to NY to help out.  Thank you to Deb.  You rock.   Thank you for all the kind words and prayers.  The biggest think you can do to help is to take care of your own body and that of your family so that you are around for a very long time.  Be your own advocate at the Doctors office and do not hold back and conditions or symptoms.  Get an annual checkup if you need it or not.  

See you next week when we talk about getting organized for a yard sale which is also a fund raiser for Ovarian Cancer Canada.

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