June 22, 2011

Summer Love?

The kids are counting the days until the last moments of school.  I have to say that I am too but not in the same way.  I find summer stressful.  It's suppose to be a relaxing time of renewal and peace but the last few years I have felt like a camp councilor.  Find activities for 3 children to participate in so that they are not left behind.  Not all children will participate in the same activity because they are all individuals with unique talents and interest. Make sure said children get to said activities.  Keep grass from dying in Alberta weather but be environmentally friendly with the water.  Spend time with husband away from children on a regular basis so that we don't go crazy.  Arrange play dates with friends because no one lives on base near us for the girls.  Pray that friends move in close to us for the girls and watch incoming moving trucks like a suspicious crazy neighbor.  Fit in time to workout and run so that I can wear a bathing suit and not be self conscious....ha haa.  Keep gardens alive so we can eat from the 0-mile diet plan.  Read at least one book.  Stay on budget for a mini vacation to wherever we decide to go when we can't stand the sight of this place for one more second.  Don't drown.  Don't get run over.  Don't Don't Don't....

And it goes on.

Am I alone in thinking it's so much nicer when the bus pulls up at 8am and takes my children away to the teachers who are paid to make them grow each day.  Then they come back at 3:45 and I get to support and love them. 

Seriously.  I think I need to approach it better this year.  It shouldn't be this stressful.

How do you keep calm and carry on each summer?  What drives you crazy?

Update.  The elimination diet did not make my nausea go away but I did lose 8lbs.  I have a  few new ideas to take to the Doctor thanks to the responses on facebook and here.  CVS (Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome) and an infection in the lining of my stomach are at the top of the list.  Thank you for your sincere thoughts and prayers.

Meanwhile I'll be over on my new addiction....Pinterest!  Come join me....tee hee.

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