July 18, 2011


What is a great way to teach your children to give to
their community and to those in need? 
Get them to volunteer.

Luckily my daughter Meaghan loves animals and asked me earlier this year to volunteer at the Humane Society.  Since she is only 10 she needs an adult to go with her.  Hence "we" get to volunteer when time permits.  Lately we have taken in a few dogs to foster so that they get  a break from the cages as well as an opportunity for our dog to socialize.

This past weekend we did something we don't usually do.  We fostered puppies.  They were brought in on Thursday and cannot be adopted for 10 days.  

A. Dor - A- Ble

I was hesitant at first but Meaghan did amazing.  She stayed up when they whined and cleaned up after them quickly with no complaining.  I was so proud.  Man, they poop and pee a lot.  We got Rico when he was older so I never went through this with him.  The poor babies had worms too, which I also had never dealt with.  Good thing the kids were on "pick up" duty.

Today they go back to the Humane Society so that they can find their forever homes.  All good puppies and all a treat to take care of....and then hand back.

If you are looking to volunteer or just want to take home a great pet, please visit the Lakeland Humane Society in Cold Lake, Alberta or one close to you.  You won't regret it, and neither will your children.

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