July 5, 2011

Running List

As I am getting ready to road race again I am reading a few great books:
Triathlon 101 and The Thrive Diet
I'm sure there are some updated versions around too.

One of the exercises is to write out 50 reasons to Run and if you can 100.  This is to keep you motivated on those days you don't want to get up and out. 
So here's my list:

I'm 40. I need a challenge. I need a goal. To do something with my husband. To be alone. For weight control. To say I did it. To be a good example. For the end. For the beginning. For the celebration. For the attention. For the music. To be in a crowd. To get off facebook. To get off Pinterest. To get off my butt. To share my success. To get abs. To make a point. To see my results. To improve my pace. For strength. To calm my demons. To forget. To get rid of the "should have, would have, could have". To be with friends. To be a part of something.  To be healthy.  To stay healthy. The rain won't melt me.  The snow won't kill me.  There is an indoor track near me. There is a trail beside my house. To breathe easy. So I can eat pasta.  So I can eat cheese. So I can drink ice tea. So I can eat treats. So I can eat pizza.  To sit and relax on my days off. Because the glass is half empty.  Because the glass is half full.  I'm 40

What are your reasons to run?

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