July 11, 2011

Stress Cleaning

When I need to think stew about something or just want a little space, you can usually find me cleaning or organizing something.  I think this is how I became a Professional Organizer in the first place.  

This weekend I was under a little stress and felt the need to get some things in order.  I worked on the budget, which helped me focus a bit more.  Then worked on the gardens which just makes me want to cook more.  (Tons of lettuce, spinach and mesclun mix is up!)  Then I tackled the garage.  I have been putting off the garage because it is grimy work.  At the end I had a huge pile of recycling to go out and a good pile of garbage too.  Whew!  Not to mention that I had breathed through some thoughts and feelings.

On top of it all, I spotted some trees that were cut down across the street for the new electrical lines going underground.  Well.  I had a thought of upcycling one or two for my backyard.  So over went with the vehicle and picked out a couple.  One proudly sits at the front door for a seat and the other is my new end table in the backyard for my plants and decor.  (I'll take a photo today now that the rain has stopped for a minute)

I slept well last night.  

Next time you need time to think a few things through, dig into a pile of stuff you are avoiding.  You are productive and can figure out how "important" those stressors really are.

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