July 25, 2011

Summer Activities

Summer fun for everyone.  Here's the highlights of the past week...

Cleaning up bedrooms and getting rid of stuff we don't use anymore.  Like this guitar.  Anyone in the Cold Lake area need a guitar?  Anyone?

Getting my nails done in a new fun summer way.  Thanks Brandy from Kix!

Adding something I've always wanted to the backyard.  A new-to-me water barrel from my friend Teresa.  Thanks again!  A storm that night filled it too.  Yay!

Making treats with my young man.  Great job in the kitchen Dan.

Harvesting lettuce from our garden to offset the cookies.

Watching this guy find his creativity again.  He has always drawn so close to the paper. I wondered if he had a visual impairment when he was younger and now I know it's just his intensity.  PS...I love the freckles.

There is so much more but these are my favorite photos that I remembered to take.  Mike built me a foot rinsing station outside and filled it with stream rocks too.  He is awesome.  I bet you're jealous.

Summer camps are done and everyone is back home.  Tanned and looking a slight bit taller.

We have tickets to our first football game this Friday in Edmonton.  Edmonton vs Toronto.  This should be fun.  Then we are off to Drumheller for a dinosaur visit.  

What are you doing with your free time?

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