September 2, 2011

Fun Friday

After a week of school, work, obligations and stress, it's nice to come home on Friday to relax.  Yet the house is full of people who also are wound up and need to relax.

How do we open up and connect?

We have Fantastic, Fabulous, Fun Friday Night!

What's that you say?
Tell me more.

Well, it usually starts at dinner time. 
1.   Sit down together to a scrumptious meal (made by daddy because mommy is better at the baking).
2.   Next we do a check-in.  Each person (even Mom and Dad) gets a chance to talk about their week.  Uninterrupted. They have to say at least one thing that was good about the week and one thing that was hard or frustrating.  This is a great time for life lessons or tales of "when I was young" to relate to your child. Be ready for eye rolling and laughter.
3.   Finish your table time with a lovely dessert that will keep everyone Mmming and Ooh-ing for a few minutes.
4.   Last but not least, end the night with an activity.  We have a list of activities to choose from at our house.  Crafty Mommy has actually made them into a deck of cards.  Each week a different person gets to choose a card. (We go from oldest to youngest to be fair)  The parents get to veto one choice in case of budgetary restraint or weather conditions etc...

Our cards include the following activities:  Go for a walk, Play card games, Bake, Movie night, Road trip, Play with the cricut, Play video games, Read together, Play in the garden, Do a craft, Board games and the ever popular Wild Card in which any card comes into play.  Feel free to add any other activities to the list.
Since this is on a Friday night we usually are a little more lenient with the bedtime structure too.

Fun Family Night Card Set
I made this out of peel and stick cards meant for business cards.  I found them at the dollar store in a pack of 10.  Then used the Cricut machine to create the titles.

We used to do this as part of our Family Home Evening on Monday's but it always felt rushed.  Moving it to Friday gave us more freedom and peace.

After a while the kids start asking about Fun Friday and I may even throw in a "check-in" on other days if I see that we need it.  We have even been known to keep a special Fun Friday a secret to keep the kids on their toes.  Kids like structure and they like to know that they are special.  They also like to see that Mom and Dad are working each day to be better just like them.  Our struggles help them realize that they are not alone.  Together we communicate and connect so that our family stays strong.

Connect with us:  What would you add to our list of Fun Friday activities?  What are you doing to stay connected and to relax with your families? 

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  1. Thats awesome Kathleen! We almost every friday night make home made pizza, watch a movie together (movie nite!) and have popcorn. The kids really look forward to it and usually it involves some cuddle time.


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