September 9, 2011

Fun Friday

As a crafty and organized Mom I tend to have many ideas on what I want to do with my time, my children and my husband.  If I forget to write it down or put things to the back of my mind for another day then I may not remember my great idea when I do have an unscheduled moment.

Lately I have been using some down time to gather my ideas, likes and personality on Pinterest.

It's a spot to make as many topic boards as you like and "pin" what you find into those boards.
For example, I have one to inspire me to get off my chair and go running.  Or maybe the one for DIY crafts that lets me indulge in fun, tested activities that will match my energy level.

The children have gotten involved too.  They like to review my picks for Animal Love, Food, Cupcakes and Cake Pops.  Be cautious when pinning in front of children.  Every once in a while a Rude and Crude, but maybe funny to an adult, pin will show up that you might not want them seeing.

Be prepared to get lost in the pins.  At first I had to be tapped out of gazing at the computer screen for love of seeing all those great ideas in one spot.  I suggest putting a timer on to keep you in line.  Besides, what's the fun of pinning unless you get up and do the activities you find?

Do you or someone you know "Pin"?  Share and I will follow.

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