September 16, 2011

Fun Friday

It's another Friday night and we are all feeling tired tonight.  

Three weeks into the school year and schedules are being resumed and now homework has been added to the schedule for the first time.  Learning to create balance with time management can be hard for a twelve year old.  Goodness, it's hard for anyone at any age.   Track and field has begun try outs which means being at the school for 7:15am.  No slow down for Mr. Mike who is working long days and into the nights.  He has had to settle for a five minute day in review before I pass out at 9pm since I have been biking to and from work everyday.  To my new office.  With a desk.  ... But I'll tell you more about that on Monday.
So with emotions high and energy low we are settling in for an easy night of movies on the couch.

We recently got rid of the cable television and switched to Netflix.  I couldn't help but love the affordable cost ($7.99/month) along with the choices that make me feel in control of my television for a change. 
Air popped popcorn-free and it can be made while everyone dons their blankets and pillows in their preferred spots.  Italian sodas made from Torani syrups and Soda Water-healthier alternative to pop but still feels special.  Maybe some kitkat bars that I have kept hidden. 

Fun Friday doesn't have to be high energy activities.  Sometimes the low key events are the best.

PS.  Congratulations to my friend Rhonda Steed who welcomes her fourth child, Oliver, into the world! 

What movies do you like best?  Is there a particular family favorite? 

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