September 26, 2011

Monday Message

Back on track.  What do those words mean to you? 
For me it means I am not binging on junk food and sitting on my buttinski instead of running or biking.

Sunday we got the family out for a walk.  We went prepared.  Lots of water and distraction tools.  We played "I Spy" and " Would you rather" for most of the walk home to keep Paisley from reminding us how hot it was.

Then, because I told my friends to invite me if they work out, I went for hill training with Whitney.  Over 8km of running and hills to learn that I am not running properly on hills.  Tiny footsteps and on the front part of the foot only.  I was hitting the ground with my whole foot.  Oops.

So I'm going to bike to work this week and keep on track. 

No need to wait until January to get on track.  What are you doing "on track"?

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