September 8, 2011

Thrifty Thursday

I like a good deal.  No let me rephrase that.  I get a giddy, hand clapping feeling when I get a good deal.  I have been known to get side glances from my husband when I giggle in public when I get a good deal.  Saving money makes me happy.  When you have a family of five you have to watch the budget carefully.  Especially when your children have growth spurts and drive you crazy. Like with the shoes that don't fit that you just bought or the pants that look like floods that were suppose to make it at least until the winter break.

What are we buying today? 

I am on the hunt for summer shoes.  Yes you read that right. 
Summer shoes for 2012.

Seasonal clearance is going on and you can get amazing deals on things that you will need every year.  My husband found a pair of sandals for $3.00 so we picked up two pairs. That's two years of sandals for a man who is very particular about his footwear.
We also found sandals for my youngest at $3.00 each and we got them in two sizes so that they will last the whole summer.  Her feet will be the next to spurt so I don't want to get the same size that she is in now. 
Sneakers are also in clearance so that new styles for school can be displayed.  Last year's style will fit just as well on my children's feet and with a 50% - 75% savings, I am a happy camper as well.  Let's just call them "vintage" to make everyone happy.

I noticed that the summer clothing is now marked down but there is so much of it that I will wait a little longer to get a few things. 

Next week we will be looking at school supplies.  Stores have to make room for Halloween so I'll be taking advantage of their clear outs. 

What have you bought to stash away for later? 

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