September 15, 2011

Thrifty Thursday

I have to admit that I'm not great at using my coupons.  I enthusiastically cut them out and put them into my purse to have ready at the checkout but regularly forget they are in my purse or wind up buying a better priced item.  I also see many items in the store that I do not see a coupon for in the paper or flyers.

Yesterday I tried something different.  I found my local store online and after doing my research ahead of time I looked at what was on sale. Almost all stores have an online flyer section.

I found my Presidents Choice products here.  You can even find your specific store which may have local deals.

I was on the hunt for school snacks and quick meals for my panty refill.  I see Astro's Balkan yogurt on for $1.99 and Danone Creamy or Silhouette yogurt for $4.99.  Both regularly used up at our house.  Maxx Scoop multi-cat litter is $5.99 which is a $2.99 savings.  Excellent.  Unico tomatoes are .99c which is awesome.  Stock up on that item.  Catelli Healthy Harvest is $1.99 which is great if you are switching from white pasta.  Raspberries for .97c ... oh my.

Update:  The yogurt was gone so none for me.  Tomatoes were plentiful so I stocked up.  Found the pasta no problem.  The raspberries were dark and mostly going bad so I skipped them. 
Overall I stuck to my list today and got out of there under budget.

Do you coupon?  Do you use sites to download coupons?  What ones?

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