November 14, 2011


Well Helllloooo There.

What a ride we have been having at the Boland house.
Family emergencies all over the country.  Traveling for health issues.  Exhaustion and Boredom, sometimes all in the same day.

I am going through a growth phase and needed some time to sit still and absorb what has been happening in our lives.  I am not good at sitting still for lengths of time.  OK, not at all.  But my body and brain keeps trying to make me. 

What's Up

1.   I have an office outside the home now. 
2.  I am organizing events as well as the organizing of homes and offices.
3.  I started writing a book.
4.  I joined a Writers Club.
5.  I created a new newsletter for the Women in Business Network.
6   I realized that I don't want anything for Xmas except junk food and exercise equipment. Yes, I realize that those two things don't go together...but really they do.
7.  My kids are normal, happy individuals.  Just thought I should write that down in case I don't say it often enough.
8.  I love my husband. Same reasoning as above.
9.  I am a great list maker but sometimes procrastinate on getting things done.  I love the idea process but not the messy, do it part.  I am working on the "do" part of my lists.
10 Netflix and Pinterest are addictive.  Seriously.  They are great for #9.

I am working on myself a little at a time.  
What are you working on?


  1. Congratulations on the new office and starting your book! And, yes, Netflix is good for procrastinating but I like to keep it on while I draw and measure my progress in how many episodes of whatever a project takes. More fun that thinking in hours.

  2. Oh Scraps...that's how we measure time with the kids too. It will take 1 episode to finish your chores...


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