April 26, 2011

Foster Parents For Fuzzy Friends

I've always wanted to be a foster mom.  My sisters spent quite a few years in foster care due to our lovely family circumstances. Their situation made me want to be a special mom to someone in need.

Alas, life sometimes puts an idea in your head and you cannot accomplish that goal.  It was not the right decision for our family to foster children.

Years later....now... I am volunteering with my daughter Meaghan at the local humane society.  There is a need for the dogs to take a break when they have not been adopted quickly.  The dogs get depressed and have anxiety after being in cages too long.  We have already adopted a dog from this humane society so I know they do great work.  The option was put forth to foster a dog during the Easter Holiday so he could have a break.  A family conversation ended with us filling out an application and us going to pick out a dog. 


Introducing Toby, on the left.  Our Rico on the right.

We picked him because he was a similar breed to our own but just a mini version.  We brought Rico with us when we picked out a dog so that we knew they would get along.  As well as being foster parents we also got to fill out an evaluation sheet on Toby and his habits so that an adopting family could know more about him. 

Toby-Eager to please you he loves to fetch a ball, or a sock for you.  He is a good indoor dog and knows when to tell you it's time to go outside. He plays well with other dogs, children and adults but is not too sure why there is a cat in the house.  He his fast when the door is opened so be careful that he doesn't run.  He loves a good walk and will probably run well when his stitches heal.  He is nervous when you grab him by the collar to keep him safe and will roll over onto his back. He will make a good pet for a family or individual.  To adopt Toby please visit the Cold Lake Humane Society.

Toby goes back to the Humane Society today.  The kids said goodbye before they left for school and I will take him back after lunch.  I know he had a good time with us and had a good break.  I hope he finds his forever home soon.

Sometimes it feels uncomfortable to put yourself out there and do something new.  Your habits will be disturbed and your space may have to change a bit.  If you never try you will never know how it will all turn out.  I'm glad we tried.

What would you like to try?  What is stopping you?

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April 18, 2011

Monday Message

 I have been cleaning out my closets as well as my accessories.  My girlfriends and I are getting together to have a wardrobe swap.  This is a great way to let go of some items that you may not use anymore and freshen up your own collection with someone elses hand me downs.

Another place I have been getting organized is in my make up case.  I was listening to the radio a few weeks back and I heard Gill Deacon speaking about how we can go green even in that department.  I thought that my supplies were pretty healthy until I looked up her little cheat sheet online to see where I was going wrong.  Holy Moly.  I was very surprised.  More surprising was the items that I was letting my children use with so many toxins in.  A quick purge and one shopping trip to balance out my beauty needs and I felt like I had simplified my war paint as well as helped the environment.

Check out Gill Deacon to get a free copy of your cheat sheet to give your make up a makeover.
What will you throw out? 
What will you replace? 
What will you give a try?

PS.Right after I read this I found a hair gel for Dan that now reads Paraban Free. 

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April 12, 2011

Sorry ...

I haven't been around lately.
My heart has been busy.  
We have been wishing and waiting and hurting for this man:

Dwayne Ogden
This is my sisters husband.
They live in Stuyvesand NY (outside Albany by 45 min)

Dwayne has been ill for years and they could never really put their
finger on the cause.
They found diabetes, edema, and other symptoms...
Two (almost three) weeks ago they found out the answer.
It is his heart.
He is very, very ill.
He is in the hospital in Albany.

Years ago I wished that a man would come into the life of my
sister Diana that she could love with her big heart and that would
love her back the way she deserved.
We were answered with Dwayne.
The first time I spoke with Dwayne on the phone, I thought
I had woken him from a sleep.
He was just so laid back that he always had that "relaxed" voice.
We were finally able to meet him in our home in Nova Scotia
when they came for a visit.
I loved him before I met him and he became family that special week.

We were also so very happy to have them visit us last Spring here in Cold Lake.
We could see that he was sick but still had no answers.
Same old Dwayne, relaxed and enjoyed the company and food. 

As Dwayne lays in a hospital bed so far way and Diana tends to
him with the rest of his family,
I send our love.

I hope that he knows that he is loved by so many.

Go hug those you love and don't fret over small messes.
Life is about love and the connections you make, not about the perfect house.


April 4, 2011

Spring Break

We are enjoying spring break this week.
Taking time to enjoy each others company and some road trips too.

Something to think about until I come back next week:
How much time do I spend on the computer with my back to those I love?
Sometimes boredom puts us in a place that isn't healthy.

See you next Monday!